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HTML Parser

HTML Entities Converter

Code copied to the clipboard!

This is a web tool allows users to convert specific characters within a text to their corresponding HTML entities. Here's how it works:


Input Text Area: 

Users can paste or type text into this area.

Convert Button:

By clicking this button, users can convert the text within the input area.

Result Area

This section displays the converted text.

Copy Code Button

Users can click this button to copy the converted text to the clipboard.


A notification appears briefly when the text is successfully copied After being parsed.

How It Works:

- Users input text in the textarea.

- When they click the "Convert" button, the script reads the input and uses a mapping of characters to their corresponding HTML entities. For example, it replaces "<" with "&lt;", ">" with "&gt;", etc.

- The converted text is then displayed in the result area.

- If users want to use this converted text, they can click the "Copy Code" button, which copies it to their clipboard.

- A notification briefly appears at the bottom of the page to confirm the successful copy.

Why It's Useful:

- HTML entities are used in web development to represent special characters within HTML, ensuring that the browser correctly displays them. 

This tool simplifies the process of converting characters to their corresponding HTML entities.

- It's useful for bloggers, web designers, or anyone dealing with HTML who wants to ensure proper rendering of characters within their web content.

This tool simplifies the process of working with HTML entities, making it a handy resource for those working on web content and development.